Another year had passed,
Why did time has to fly so fast?
Is this another new beginning?
Or has there never been an ending?

Whatever it is, 2010 had been one hell of a year. I remember, the first day of school, the moment I stepped into 3 Oriole, I thought my Form 3 life would be shitty. But it didn't turn out that way.
Although there were people that I don't like, my whole year in 3 Oriole rocked to the max.
Falling asleep during Geo lessons, being scolded by Maths teacher, joking during English lessons and most of all, breaking the rules with my mates. And, we had the best form teacher ever, Miss Chee. =D

Sonia and Me.

We've met each other since we were in primary. She was the assistant head prefect, and I was a prefect too. But we were never really friends until 2010. I don't know how we got so close, but she's considered as one of my closest friends now. I love hanging out with her. And because of her, I met this guy. =D I don't know why those memories with her kept flashing in my mind. Every moment, every second. Especially days after PMR, where we broke SOOO MANY school rules together. Sneaking out to Parade after school. Bringing illegal stuffs. Wearing our lens. Taking lots and lots of pictures together. I miss her so much. Honestly, I want to be in the same class with her, if I can. I'm just glad that we're friends. =D

And then, there's Shammi and Winnie. Frankly speaking, I used to hate Winnie. No hard feelings babe. But after communicating with her, I found that she's a nice person. Thou' sometimes she can be a little annoying, but it makes us all laugh. =P And Shammi. Innocent, naive and smart little girl. I love you just the way you are. Don't change. (:

Then there's this fella, which I call T R E X. =D I don't know how we started chatting with each other. All I know is that I love chatting with him. Those FIFA nights with him were awesome. Netherlands. Sneijder! =D Sms-ing everyday. Thou' we had some problems, everything's fine now. And I hope this rainbow would stay forever like this. KACANG HITAM. =P

You see, my 2010 was awesome 'cause of these people. And of course, scoring straight A's in my PMR was the best gift after all. I love you guys so much. ♥♥



I'm so pissed!

=.=!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I wish I could go back to the time where FIFA was still on.
Or to the time where we didn't know each other that much!


Stubborn people + stubborn people = SUPER EXPLOSION!


Catching Up is Pretty Hard

I was missing in action for a really really long time.

The biggest battle of the year is over.
I'm done with studying my head off.
I hope I did not screw my BM, Science and KH.

I'm even done with my love life.

I don't know what to blog about. I've not been blogging for such a long time that I don't know where to start now.
Throughout these few months, a lot of stuffs happened.
And somehow, I feel the change in me. I'm changing into a worse person. I don't know why but I seriously feel like I'm going the wrong way.

First, every year God makes me meet a new friend. As in, someone whom I can get close with.
It has been like this for quite some time. After the last one left, always comes a new one.
And then I started talking to this one, whom I met few times but I did not notice.

But there's just something that is holding me back from opening up to this fella.
I don't know what is that. But, I don't wanna lose this fella.

Then, I'm jealous of one of my best friend. That is so not me. I feel like slapping myself.

Second, one of my friend ain't talking to me. I don't know what happened or what's wrong with her.
But seriously, you can just tell me FACE to FACE.

I'm darn disappointed. I tried to be nice. I was patient enough I know that. I accepted you as a friend. But you just wouldn't change, will you?

THIRD, why must people always differentiate between each other?
Ever since I dropped to Oriole class, I've started seeing some REAL faces of some people.
I don't want to mention those people are from which class but you might know and I don't care.
One thing I never want to do is comparing my results and telling people how much I got for exams. 'Cause I know THOSE who are in classes above Oriole will start GOSSIPING if they know ORIOLE people get higher marks than them.

Get a live people. =.=

FOURTH, a good news. The problem with one of my best best best friend is over! =D That's the only thing I'm happy about. 'Cause the days without him were MISERABLE. I couldn't tell anyone, except God what was happening to me, and what was wrong and stuffs. And now I can tell him. =D *SMILES*

Fifth, I've been really messed up these few weeks. I don't feel like I'm myself. I get angry easily. I get upset easily. And....sometimes, I cry myself to sleep. I may look happy and calm in school, I may wear a smile everyday, but on the inside, I'm not what I look on the outside.
I gotta grow up and be strong, cause soon, I'll have no one to rely on. I just wish I have the strength.

Everything seems to be falling apart. Thou' I really don't know what to do. I realised I'm keeping myself away from people, especially that someone whom I don't wanna lose.
I don't want my own problems to effect the friendship between us. I just couldn't stay away.
Omygosh I really don't know what to do. . .

if love conquers all,
then why is money more important?
if love means everything,
then why are they still leaving?

Commitments? Trying to be a good Christian?

John 3:16 says ;

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life"

I remember this verse very well. And i love that song, John 3:16. (:

Yesterday's MYF praise and worship was awesome. During worship, I closed my eyes. And when I closed my eyes, I couldn't feel anyone around me. But I felt the presence of God. I meant what I said.

We singed, we prayed. I prayed...I prayed to God to thank him for giving me strength to finish that 10km walk.

I don't know why, everytime during praise and worship, I can feel this guilty-ness in me. I don't know why, tears will just fill my eyes. And everytime, I'll TRY to be a better person. I try not to sin. Its hard . . . yes it is.
Some people might just think I'm acting. Up to you. I don't wanna care. As long as I myself know it's not an act.

And now,I know why I'd feel guilty. Its because I've sinned. Jesus died for us on the cross to wash away our sins, and yet, we sin.
I swear and I lie. These two things, are sin. Last year, I swore a lot. I swore like it was nobody's business. I FEEL TERRIBLY BAD okayyyyy! I lied for so many times. I've lied to my Mom, I've lied to my friends, I've lied to my teachers!

Even a tiny tiny meenie lie . . . its still a sin. We can control ourselves from swearing, but what about telling lies? Sometimes we choose to lie to someone because the truth hurts. Sometimes we choose to lie because we're afraid of the consequences that might happen. Sometimes we lie because we're FORCED to.

All these, the consequences of lying will be even bigger than telling the truth. The truth might hurt, but, we've all been thinking for ourselves. What about the person we lie to?
And now I realized that telling the truth is better than lying.

Last few years, I've been a not-so-good-girl. Maybe it was because I mixed with the wrong group of friends and got influence, or maybe it was just me myself. But ever since I started going to church, and then to my very first youth camp, I started to change. I changed even more when I mixed with my DEFORMERS. I can actually feel the changes in me.

Like I said, I used to swear like it was nobody's business. But now, you won't hear me swearing unless I'm really really REALLY pissed off. You won't hear a single vulgar word from my mouth.
But then, everytime when I'm pissed off, I'll tell myself . . .DO NOT SWEAR, DO NOT SWEAR.

LOL! It's just a way to motivate myself. :D
Who cares, right? As long as I don't swear. I fee like I'm really changing. I've rejected all the guys that asked me, you know what lar. Cause I know this is not the right time to be involved in BGR.

I'm not changing into a NERD okayy, I'm just changing to a BETTER person. BLEKKK.

I'm not Baptized yet, you know. I don't feel like I'm ready to fulfill the commitments yet.
I'll wait till I'm ready. (:

Sometimes, I feel lost without God. But then, I'll pray to him and tell him my problems. It's more like, talking to God like He's a close close close friend of mine. In fact, He is! There is NONE like Him. He stays, He listens, He answers prayers. He NEVER turn away and is always the same.
And after praying, I'll eventually feel better. It's like, a burden is being lifted from my shoulders.
That feeling is just awesome. :)

Hmmm . . . I guess I'll pray more often starting from now. And I wanna learn more about God. And and. . .I wanna be like him. Not like, having powers and stuffs. But, be more forgiving like God. And love people even though they're hard to be loved.




memang pun!


Oh oh, before that, exam's over! Yet, a pile of holidays' homework waiting to be completed. Sighs.

akurindudia. :(

Back to STARWALK topic.

Aku pergi ke rumah NICOLE TAN pada Sabtu malam dan tidur semalaman di rumah dia.
Kami buat kerja sekolah. Lepas tu, kami KSS-ed sampai pukul 1.30A.M +.

HAHA. Sorry, back to English.
Starwalk . . . starwalk. Aku tak suka padamu. You made my leg cramp, my heels ada blister and my muscle pain.

This year's Starwalk was boleh tahan lar. And I actually walked with my girlfriends. (: When I reached there and registered, I didn't really see a lot of people. And I was glad lar. xD

Bad things happened. Halfway walking, ZALE fell down and skinned her knees. Luckily, she could continue walking. Then, we saw JO MUN sedang dirawat by one of the St. Johns. See see, she fell down also.

Managed to finish on time. Glad glad. My ELEVEN MARKS is still with me. Hehe.
Then, after the walk, we wanted to go to the foodcourt to makan. When we reached there, we couldn't even find a place to sit! So I decided pergi KFC lor.

I never thought bad things could happen to me. When we were walking, as in, me, ZALE and NICOLE, my left leg cramped. The worst ever. I couldn't stand the pain you know. We were like, at the road side. But but...at last, less than FIVE minutes, I told the both of them nevermind. Lets continue walking. :D

The pain was still there, but I couldn't just sit there right. I'm not lying...the pain was really...really...really....GOSH. It was like, my leg was being pulled off. LOL!

And then arh, when we were almost reaching, I told NICOLE,

ANN: Ehhh, today awesome lar. The people I xmau nampak they didn't appear.

the next moment. . .

ANN: whatthecrap! (hankeat was just infront)

Automatically, I walked behind of NIC and ZALE.

Makan-ed kat KFC after that. LI XIN, CHAK, DENNIS and another person aku x tau, joined us too. Saw ISAAC...=.=!!!

Went home after that, then went for MYF. Sighs. Ada orang x pergi because he OVERSLEPT.

Then, MINTA MAAF lar KHOO KEN XIN! The conversation last night was just a joke. And sorry for not CHOI-ing you during MYF today. Was really tired, and wasn't EMO.
Don't take the conversation so seriously, OKAY?

There, end of everything. I'll upload the pictures I took, when I'm not as sleepy as now. (:
Gonna go TA KEI now. TATA


(: HELLLOO. Love my blog? Or hate it?
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I'm ONE FIVE, a girl who lives her life.
Original? A listener? Talker? Down-to-earth?

You decide. (:

I appreciate your visit to my blog.
Every minute is precious. TOODLES

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